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Embracing the Ethereal Beauty of Nature.

A Passion for Environmental & Green Art.

Painting by Penny Treese

Nature is our mother, and we are her children. We are all connected to each other, and we are all connected to the earth. We cannot survive without nature and must protect it at all costs. With that in mind, I started my mindful art journey. My mission is to create art that allows people to identify with nature more deeply.

Celebrating the amazing resources of Mother Earth!

Did you know that the term "Environmental Art – Green Art" often encompasses "ecological" concerns but is not specific to them? It primarily celebrates an artist's connection with nature using natural materials. These artistic creations are made from items found in the environment, including leaves, sticks, bark, pebbles, seedpods, nuts, berries, petals, sand, or shells. The options are endless; anything in nature can be embedded into artwork. Each piece is infused with nature's elements and hues, making them organic and holistic – comforting and soothing to body and soul. Environmental art is a beautiful way to introduce biophilic design elements to an interior space.


Why I am dedicated to bringing nature to life – Penny Treese

"Being an artist is all I have ever known, and I never outgrew the calling from outdoors to create with mud, twigs, leaves, and other Biotic elements. For me, nature is art. So, discovering the ancient Egyptian method of encaustic painting was like bringing nature to life and setting it free to beautify indoor spaces eternally. Encaustic paintings are created by combining the colors of the universe with natural beeswax and then infusing fire to bring them to life.

Warm, melted beeswax dripping from my fingers lets me feel oneness with nature. While wielding a blow torch to seal each layer with fire, I revel in the power and simultaneously melt away. I lean into this cyclic flow until the creation reaches a state of alchemy.

I begin with about five clear wax passes, infusing each with fire into birch panels. The sunlight flooding my studio is captured and released up through the surface of every pigmented layer. I embrace the wild, lush, unique force of nature to breathe life into each piece of art.

From a transcended state, I release nature's energy and often integrate earth's inorganic treasures such as earth, sand, and salt. The beeswax secures each element like a fossil in amber and preserves it like a timeless hymn – a visual melody embedded into translucent, luscious wax.

My ultimate dream is that my art gives each viewer an unchartered sense of freedom and a renewed calling to harmonize with nature. – Penny Treese

Photo by Penny Treese


Art for the conscious minds – infused by earth’s elements and colors.

Painting by Penny Treese — Moss I

Painting by Penny Treese — Winter I


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