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About the Editor

In 2011, Johanne received the devastating news that would change the trajectory of her life and career forever.  Her dear friend Linda was battling cancer for the second time and had decided that she wanted to change her way of life, her living environment, and focus on a toxin-free, holistic lifestyle in every aspect imaginable. 
In the process of building her dream home, she decided to make it completely natural, free of chemicals, contaminants, or harmful emissions of any kind. She asked Johanne for help researching products and services necessary to achieve her goals for a healthier living.
Sadly, Linda lost her battle with cancer just before the house was completed.​

Her friend’s dedication to transforming her life’s environment was the catalyst to Johanne's newly formed passion. Ever since then, she has taken this acquired knowledge and has used it to help individuals and companies create spaces that maximize wellness, energy, and harmony while also optimizing performance and productivity.
Johanne created MOSS Lifestyle with the purpose of sharing her knowledge with everyone who is seeking a healthier environment and lifestyle.​

Johanne Morin has a B.A. in Environmental Design and is certified LEED AP, WELL AP, and Scientific Feng Shui for Architecture & Design.​

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