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How one friend’s dream inspired another’s passion.

Linda was one of those once-in-a-lifetime friends. In 2011, as she was battling cancer — for the second time — she decided to change her life and living environment, focusing on a toxin-free, holistic lifestyle in every imaginable aspect. She set out to build her dream home, a sanctuary designed to be free of chemicals, contaminants, and harmful emissions of any kind. She asked me for help in researching products and services she could use to achieve her healthier living goals.

Sadly, Linda lost her battle shortly before her dream house was completed, however, her dedication to transforming her environment stirred a passion inside of me. Since that time, I’ve taken the knowledge Linda and I gained, continued to grow and refine it, and used it to help individuals and companies create spaces that maximize wellness, energy, and harmony while optimizing performance and productivity. 

In Linda’s memory, I created MOSS Lifestyle to share this passion with anyone who is seeking a healthier environment and lifestyle.

— Founder, Johanne Morin IIDA, LEED AP, WELL AP

Our Team

Dedicated to changing the world, one lifestyle at a time!

Unearth the Rewards of Regenerative & Wellness Design.

Curating the most innovative content, news, trends, and technologies that nourishes the body, mind, and spirit. Our group comprises an ever-changing team of experts in the wellness design industry, including designers, artisans, architects, travel masters, and creative minds.

Together, we strive to reset values in our lifestyle and beyond.


Johanne Morin                     

Editor in Chief - Wellness Design


Michael Don Ham

Writer - Wellness Techonology & Nutrition


Penny Treese

Writer - Environmental & Green Art

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