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Elevating Balance and Harmony — Inside Out!

Scientific Feng Shui & the Five Elements—Archetypes.

Elevating Balance & Harmony — Inside Out!

Did you know that Scientific Feng Shui, also known as modern Feng Shui or Western Feng Shui, is a contemporary approach to the traditional Chinese practice of Feng Shui? It integrates modern scientific principles, such as psychology, geology, and environmental science, with the traditional principles of Feng Shui. Scientific Feng Shui practitioners use a range of scientific methods and tools, such as compasses, electronic measuring equipment, and computer software, to analyze and optimize the flow of energy or "chi" in a space. They also take into account factors such as electromagnetic fields, air quality, and lighting when designing spaces for the purpose of supporting the well-being and success of the people who inhabit them.

The use of the Five Elements or Archetypes is a way to analyze and optimize the energy flow in a space. Each element is associated with a specific energy and also relates to colors, shapes, and materials — they can have a supportive or destructive relationship with other elements. Understanding these relationships is essential for optimizing energy flow in any type of dwelling.

The Five Elements — Archetypes

The Archetype in each of us.

The Five Archetypes are an important part of the Feng Shui practice. They represent different aspects of our personality and are crucial in the analysis of each case study in order to optimize, and improve the dynamic between human beings living in the same space or any dwelling. Yes, the energy in our surroundings and buildings affects people in different ways — the same goes for the energy generated by human beings.


The characteristics of each Archetype.

  • The Pioneer/ Trailblazer (Wood): This archetype represents growth, creativity, and new beginnings. It is associated with the color green, vertical shapes, and wood materials.

  • The Warrior/ Optimist (Fire): This archetype represents passion, energy, and transformation. It is associated with the color red, triangular shapes, and fire-related materials.

  • The Nurturer/ Caregiver (Earth): This archetype represents stability, groundedness, and nurturing. It is associated with earthy colors, square shapes, and earth-related materials.

  • The Alchemist/ Architect (Metal): This archetype represents clarity, precision, and organization. It is associated with the color white, round shapes, and metal materials.

  • The Philosopher (Water): This archetype represents fluidity, adaptability, and intuition. It is associated with the color blue, wavy shapes, and water-related materials.

Understanding the inherent characteristics of your Archetype will help you promote your best attributes — recognize and activate your potential. The ultimate goal is to thrive in your relationships and environment.


Curious about your Archetype?

My dear friend Carey Davidson is a world-renowned speaker, author, and founder of Carey Davidson expert, visionary, and author of the acclaimed book The Five Archetypes.

Carey combines her intuitive genius with the ancient wisdom of the Five Archetypes to provide tools for individuals and teams who want to make seismic shifts in activating empathy.

Carey Davidson

Carey is a master at providing you with the most accurate description of your best self!

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