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Reinventing the Way We Build!

Supporting our Planet with Eco-Friendly Alternatives to Deforestation.

Photo by Vintage Elements

Deforestation is a major global issue that has a significant impact on the health of the planet and its inhabitants. However, there are many eco-friendly alternatives to deforestation that can help support forests, people, and the planet.


How you can help and support our planet.

  1. Use sustainable wood products: When you need to purchase wood products, look for sustainably sourced options that have been certified by organizations such as the Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) or the Sustainable Forestry Initiative (SFI). These certifications ensure that the wood has been harvested in an environmentally and socially responsible manner.

  2. Use eco-friendly and rapidly renewable building materials: Examples include bamboo, hemp, and straw bale.

  3. Use reclaimed wood: using reclaimed wood that is properly treated, will not emit toxic gases, chemicals, or VOCs, and it is a much safer option when it comes to specifying materials and furnishing for your home.

  4. Support reforestation efforts: Consider supporting organizations that are working to reforest areas that have been damaged by deforestation.

By making these conscious selections when renovating or building your home, you can help support forests, people, and the planet. Together, we can create a more sustainable future.


Some really impressive companies, I had the pleasure of working with — making a notable difference.


Vintage Elements – SC offers a fantastic selection of reclaimed antique oak planks and beams imported from France. Their collections come from wide rustic planks, parquet strips, and intricate hand-pegged woven pattern slabs that have been reclaimed and turned into every imaginable wood flooring product. “Which angle is your favorite of our New Vieux Mas oak flooring? This patina reveals a depth of feeling that you won't find in commercial washes. Slow production is our inspiration. This stunning home showcases it so well, it's hard to pick a favorite.” — Vintage Elements


Tri-Lox – NY specializes in repurposing wood from water towers, old-growth timbers, as well as factories and industrial buildings. Their product offerings range from flooring, wall + ceiling paneling as well as architectural elements. I love their Watershed Collection!

Photo by Tri-LOX

Wood is natural, renewable, and solar-powered. As it grows, it captures carbon while providing clean air, clean water, habitat for wildlife, and cultivating biodiverse ecosystems. As a building product, it’s strong, versatile, honest, and true – a means of connecting people with nature and bringing authenticity to a project.” – Tri-Lox


HempWood – KY produces flooring, lumber, and furniture from hemp fibers, widely considered to be the premier wood substitute with the smallest ecological footprint of any lumber alternative. A very different and organic look!

"All hemp growth and material production is conducted in the United States of America. Our hemp is grown using sustainable methods, which helps eliminate deforestation. HempWood can be used for anything that wood typically is, like construction material.”HempWood
Photo by HempWood

Photo by HempWood

Some current HempWood® applications include- benches, shelves, cutting boards, trim, window frames, dressers, tables, and more!


Armster Reclaimed Wood – CT sources its reclaimed wood from old structures and older virgin forests. Marked by time, weather, rivers, and work, the material is strong and beautiful inside and out.

Photo by Klaas Armster
“Reclaimed wood is…awesome and inspirational. It has great age, strength, beauty, history, character, color, texture, patina and mystery.” This gift of Nature, tied up with history and mystery, grows rarer daily.” – Klaas Armster, Owner


Resources and Good Reads:

Think Wood is a great resource for wood products. “Advances in wood construction reimagine the future of the built environment, combining strength with sustainability.” — Think Wood.

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