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The Vibrant Trend of Natural Fibers!

Exploring these Superb, Rapidly-Renewable Vegetable Materials.

Photo by Ames Living

A look at some kicking designers, artisans, and manufacturers that are harnessing and mastering the use of the increasingly trending fibers. These materials are both fast-growing – rapidly renewable, and biodegradable – making them highly sustainable and eco-friendly. They are biotic materials bringing nature and higher vibrations to your space!

Here are some people and companies creating fascinating objects and furniture from grass, straw, palm leaves, bark, and much more!


Photo by Ames Living
"All our collections are made by hand in family-owned workshops where the craftspeople know centuries-old manufacturing techniques." – AMES Living


Photo by Philippe Xerri

Rock The Kasbah by Philippe Xerri

“The world of Philippe Xerri is a creative universe inspired by its values and its sensitivity. For many years, the timelessness of his vision has allowed him to place his concept in different types of places, even the most atypical. The discovery of Feng Shui principles brought him enormously, personally and professionally. Chinese art, now millennial, Feng Shui aims to harmonize the energies of a place in order to promote the health, well-being and prosperity of its guests. This new energy stability allows him to further assert his style as well as his creative and innovative vision of the world of decoration. Ahead of its time, it never stops trying to reinvent itself by learning a little more every day about the world around it and its wonders. His inspirations come from Tunisia and its heritage, its homeland for twenty years now. In love with the art world, each discovery animates its creativity.” – Philippe Xerri

Photo by Selemat Design
“We asked ourselves: wouldn’t it be better to create homewares from natural materials—pieces that last, that can be cared for, that could pass down through generations and eventually return gently to the earth?” – Woven


Photo by Tine K Home
“We want to be referred to as an exclusive global universe, known for its natural and handmade products and unique finds expressive of culture, its history and traditional craftmanship. A universe representing a mixture of bohemian living, elegant simplicity and botanical living, where you can find inspiration whether it is for hotels, restaurants, beach clubs or for private spaces.” – Tine Kjeldsen and Jacob Fossum”


Photo by Heaps and Wood
“Timeless furniture created for the future, crafted from sustainable materials native to the land of our artisans.” “We’re artists, drawing on the many inspirations surrounding us, from beauty in nature to the iconic concepts of the great design maestros, shaping these references into refined, intriguing pieces to treasure. Ultimately, we’re investigators, searching out solutions to problems so we can create sustainable, future-focused furniture to remain in our homes for generations to come.” – Heaps and Wood


Photo by Luteca

I discovered Luteca during my last visit to the NYDC (New York Design Center).

“Deeply rooted in the artisanal craft traditions that inspired the work of Mexico’s leading modernist designers of the 20th century, we celebrate a holistic vision of Mexican artistry in all its nuanced complexity and brilliance, untethered from antiquated stereotypes of humble, folksy charm.” – Luteca


Vegetable materials are becoming a new fashion trend.


This young French designer living and working between Paris, Marseille et Genève has pushed the envelope with her genius creations. Emma Bruschi, an emerging fashion designer uses straw and other biodegradable materials and fibers in her Almanach Collection. So smart and trendy!

Photo by Emma Bruschi

Learn More About Fashion Designer Emma Bruschi

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