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Awe-Inspiring Products Made from Recycled Content.

Saved From The Landfill!

Photo by Vetrazzo

The design and architecture industry is placing a huge emphasis on the importance of addressing climate change by creating materials that are Zero net CO2 or even negative CO2, but is that enough?

The goal is to not only eliminate “waste to landfill” but also select natural biodegradable materials that can break down in a natural environment without leaving toxins. Although this is not always the case, it does cause less harm than non-biodegradable products on the market.

Overall, biodegradable materials are ideal but we still need to recycle plastics and all other non-biodegradable products. The ideal scenario is to recycle and up-cycle an infinite number of times - the term used is called Cradle-to-Cradle.

Building Materials made from recycled content.

Materials made from recycled have become increasingly popular in the building industry as an eco-friendly and cost-effective solution. They provide a sustainable alternative to traditional construction methods – they are also a great way to reduce waste, conserve energy, and contribute to a healthier, greener planet.

Building materials made from recycled content not only reduce the need to extract resources from the environment, but also reduce the amount of energy needed to create them - it’s called the Carbon Footprint.

By specifying recycled content materials, designers & Architects can reduce the number of CO2 emissions associated with their projects – which is imperative in LEED and WELL certifications. Additionally, recycled materials often have a lower embodied energy than their traditional counterparts. This means that the overall energy used to produce the item is lower, and therefore, the CO2 emissions associated with it are reduced.


Some of the leading manufacturers developing amazing products from recycled content!


Vetrazzo Is made in Georgia USA. Each of their product has a different recycled glass source - each material has its own story! From car windshields, vodka or beer bottles, and old aquarium glass to name a few. You can learn more about how they source the glass from their website products page.

Photo by Vetrazzo

“Each slab is handcrafted by 8 artisans making them unique masterpieces that will bring you joy every single day! This collection is perfect for indoor and outdoor applications.” – Vetrazzo

PaperStone is based in Washington, USA - a division of IceStone.

“PaperStone is a beautiful and heavy-duty solid surface known for its performance, warm touch, contemporary appearance and environmental sustainability. Its non-porous surface is made from 100% post-consumer recycled paper and a proprietary, petroleum-free resin that provides a lifetime of stain resistance and absorbs virtually no water." – PaperStone

Photo by PaperStone

PaperStone isn’t just an attractive new material that is produced in a socially responsible manner, it is also strong and tough. It has steel-like strength in span. It has stone-like beauty and it can be worked like fine hardwoods.” – PaperStone

Jelinek Cork Group is based in Ontario, Canada. Jelinek Cork recycles wine corks that are ground up into granulated cork or cork grain. This cork grain is then used to make many other cork products including cork flooring, cork wall tiles, and bulletin boards.

Upcycled Cork Flooring by Jelinek Group
“In keeping environmental and natural products in the forefront, Jelinek Cork Group was one of the founders of an innovative wine cork collection & recycling initiative. Hundreds of thousands of used wine corks are collected each year. Jelinek recycles these corks and uses them (among other products) in the production of some of the cork flooring…” – Jelinek Cork Group


ByFusion is based in California, USA. A Women Owned company that uses post-consumer plastic waste to produce retaining walls, sound walls, sheds, privacy fencing, terracing and landscaping, accent walls, furniture, and more. Very cool!

Recycled Privacy Fencing from ByFusion
“Plastic is strong, flexible, and built to last. It has limitless applications and shouldn’t be a single-use item destined for crowded landfills, harmful marine debris, or toxic incineration. Plastic as a material isn’t the problem; it’s the lack of planning for its lifecycle. We need to reshape the future of plastic waste.” – ByFusion

Table made from recycled materials from ByFusion


Papertile was created by Jasna Sokolovic and Noel O’Connell, founding partners of Dear Human, and is based in Montreal, Quebec - Canada. Papertile uses entirely made from post-consumer recycled paper to create their designs. They produce beautiful custom art walls that also function as sound-absorbin

Wall Art made from Upcycled Materials by Papertile
“Papertile was created after witnessing the amount of paper waste from local industries, much of which went straight into the landfill. After many experiments, tiles emerged as an innovative solution for beautiful and sustainable interiors. The manufacturing of tiles is a hands-on process using a combination of self-designed equipment and new technologies. The production of tiles requires minimal environmental impact and a maximum devotion from our team.” – PaperTile

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